2018 JayPro Catalog

108 INDOOR GYMNASIUM www.jaypro.com T: 800-243-0533 F: 800-988-3363 Rectangular Glass Board Wall Mounted Backstops Jaypro Sports easy-to-install rectangular glass board kits include numerous features that excel over any competitor system: Exclusive Feature: 2” x 8” Southern Yellow Pine mounting wood boards are pre-drilled and counter-bored, edges rounded and surfaces sanded with lacquer finished front, back and all edges. No drilling, cutting, or finishing needed. + Each heavy-duty welded steel fitting includes four 1/2” diameter mounting bolts (compared to only two mounting bolts used by others). + 1/4” heavy-duty chain and 1/2” turnbuckles attached to backstop frame using Grade 8 hardware. + Exclusive Feature: Heavy-duty formed steel fittings mount board directly to frame. + Heavy-walled 1.90” OD frame pipes cut and drilled in the field to desired extension off wall. + Exclusive Feature: Heavy-duty steel fittings with four 1/2” attachment bolts and grade 5 steel hinge bolts. + Durable black powder coat finish on all fittings and backstop frame. + + Wall Mounted Backstops Include: > 42” Unbreakable Rectangular Glass Backboard (GBRUB-42) > “Revolution” Breakaway Goal (GBA-642) 1. Wall-mounted basketball systems should only be installed on walls capable of supporting the weight of the backstop plus the additional weight of a player hanging off the rim. Consult an architect, structural engineer or contractor if necessary. 2. Wall-mounted backstops require an unobstructed wall and minimum ceiling height. Such requirements are dependent on backstop style and distance from the wall. Refer to the product spec sheet for additional information. 3. Jaypro Sports bears no responsibility for the structural integrity of the wall the backstop is mounted to. 4. Installation should only be done by a qualified installer using suitable wall anchors. Contact Jaypro Sports for assistance in locating a qualified installer. 5. Jaypro Sports recommends all backstops be inspected and serviced on an annual basis to ensure wall anchors are sound, fasteners are secured and cables are not worn. Contact Jaypro Sports for assistance in locating a qualified installer. Stationary Backstop System > Stationary wall mounted backstop Fold-Up Backstop System > Folds upward for convenient storage > System operated with manual or electric winch (sold separately) Wall Ext. Item Weight Price 4’-6’ U46GB 450 lbs $2,349 6’-8’ U68GB 469 lbs $2,395 8’-10’ U810GB 518 lbs $2,695 10’-12’ U1012GB 537 lbs $2,749 Side-Fold Backstop System > Folds to the side for convenient storage > System includes manual pull-pin to lock unit in either playing or storage position Wall Ext. Item Weight Price 4’-6’ S46GB 440 lbs $1,949 6’-8’ S68GB 459 lbs $1,995 8’-10’ S810GB 499 lbs $2,195 10’-12’ S1012GB 518 lbs $2,249 TW-700MKT1 or TW-2000KT1 Winch Kit Wall Ext. Item Weight Price 2’-4’ N24GB 350 lbs $1,695 4’-6’ N46GB 398 lbs $1,895 6’-8’ N68GB 417 lbs $1,995 8’-10’ N810GB 466 lbs $2,295 10’-12’ N1012GB 485 lbs $2,349 Optional edge padding (see page 104). Wall Mounted Backstop Options: > Manual or Electric Height Adjuster (see page 109) > Board Edge Padding (see page 104) > Wall Anchors sold separately (see page 110) IMPORTANT NOTES FOR WALL MOUNTED BACKSTOPS: FR 3 Y ✗