2018 JayPro Catalog

113 INDOOR GYMNASIUM www.jaypro.com T : 800-243-0533 F: 800-988-3363 Wall-Mounted Gym Ladder Ideal for developing physical fitness, strength and coordination. > Steel frame with welded supports for strength and durability > Powder coated black finish is textured for safety > Inner braces provide stability for lateral movement > Ladder is attached with wood stringers (included) and is additionally supported with a heavy duty chain > Frame extends 48” from wall > Dimensions: 18”W x 12”L WML-100 187 lbs $1,715 each Wall Grid Climber > 15/16” OD steel tubing construction > Powder coated black finish is textured for safety > Grid is 4 x 5 rows with 6” pattern > Heavy-duty wall mounting plates WGC-20 72 lbs $478 each Vertical Climbing Ladder > 15/16” OD steel tubing construction > Powder coated black finish is textured for safety > Heavy-duty wall mounting plates > Dimensions: 22”W x 60’L WVL-7 77 lbs $339 each Adjustable Wall Mounted Chinning Bar Ideal for elementary through university level use. > Provides 2’ of height adjustment in 6” increments > All-welded 30”W steel frame with powder coat finish Jump Rope Rack Keep jump ropes untangled and ready for use. > Wall-mounted all steel construction with powder coat finish > 27” long with (5) 10” long pegs 3 Y FR 3 Y FR 3 Y FR 3 Y Note: Due to difference in wall construction, Jaypro Sports does not provide anchors or mounting hardware to attach the wall stringers to gymnasium walls. Consult your architect or contractor to determine the best and safest installation methods for your facility. EWM-30 28 lbs $249 each 3 Y PE-110 7 lbs $45 each Physical Education Equipment A B C K L M N CR-1 CR-2 CR-3 CRP-1 CRP-2 CRP-3 CRD-1 CRD-2 CRD-3 A B C D E F STEP 1: Select Rope Combination STEP 2: Select Knot Style G . BK-1 Beginner (large) Knots H . RGK-1 Rest/Grip Knots J . RB-1 Rubber Ball Climbing Rope Accessories K . SCA-1 Safety Cable Attachment L . RN-1 Rope Hoist M . A-3 Adjustable I-Beam Clamp N . L-1 Quick Link A. Natural Manila Rope: Superior quality manila offers the best grip and durability B. Polypro Unmanila Rope: Same look and feel as manila with added strength and reduced weight C. Polyplus Rope: Soft, lightweight and has excellent moisture and UV resistance characteristics D. Whipped End: Standard wrapped end to prevent unraveling E. Polyboot End: Poly cover permanently attached to the end to prevent unraveling F. Leather Seat on Turk Knot End: Provides stable starting point for beginner climbers D E F G H J Call for Additional Details and Pricing 1 Y