2018 JayPro Catalog

117 INDOOR GYMNASIUM www.jaypro.com T : 800-243-0533 F: 800-988-3363 Mini Top Roll Curtain Mini Top Roll Curtain > Use in different locations to create closed off areas > Designed to be compact and tight fitting to ceiling structure > Disappears up into or behind ceiling structure and rolls down at the touch of a button > 14 oz or 18 oz reinforced vinyl and 9 oz vinyl coated polyester mesh > Driven by an internal tubular motor requiring 120 volt power > Print school graphics or advertising on curtain > Developed for and used at Barclay’s arena in Brooklyn, NY TC-710 Call for Pricing and Details 3 Y ★ Perimeter Divider Curtains & Netting Motorized Perimeter Netting & Curtains Jaypro Perimeter Curtains are ideal for completely following the inside or outside perimeter of running tracks within multi-use facilities and field houses. These curtains are designed to separate the running track from interior basketball or volleyball courts, thereby maximizing facility use and flexibility. Adjoining curtains are overlapped and offset to allow for easy egress. Curtains are constructed of heavy duty reinforced vinyl and vinyl coated polyester mesh or netting. The one side fold action is accomplished by cables running vertically through “D-Rings” attached to the curtain and anchored to the bottom tube. The radius curtains utilize precision universal joints to allow the drive system to closely follow the required curvature. The smooth folding action is achieved by a heavy duty direct drive winch. The curtain is mounted to existing building structure and curves to match existing facility curvatures. FC-680P Call for Pricing and Details ★ Non-Motorized Netting Jaypromakes nets to separate outdoor athletic fields in large complexes and to divide indoor athletic facilities. We also provide complete perimeter and ceiling netting protection for your athletic facility. Our netting is found on tennis courts, basketball courts, soccer fields, and golf courses. Everything we make is customized to your needs as no two facilities are alike. Call or e-mail us to discuss your project. Call for Pricing and Details ★