2018 JayPro Catalog

119 INDOOR GYMNASIUM www.jaypro.com T : 800-243-0533 F: 800-988-3363 Equipment Control Systems Master Equipment Controller 2 Similar to your touchscreen smartphone, this slick wall mounted touch- screen is one of the best upgrades for any facility. The MEC2 features intuitive menus to allow anyone to easily program at any point in time, without switches or removal of the screen. Simply put, the MEC2 is the leading economical equipment control system in the industry! Key Features Include: > *EXCLUSIVE* Wall mounted 5” capacitive touchscreen > Low voltage touch screen, making this system safer than key switches > Single and/or grouped operation of up to 8 devices > Capable of operating 256 motorized devices and/or 512 auxiliary devices > Multiple logins with tiered access levels > Easily retrofits from existing methods of operation (key switch, radio remote, etc.) > Direct replacement for MEC-99 without additional power requirements > System can save thousands of dollars on electrical work and operating costs > *EXCLUSIVE* Easily expandable at any point in time with multiple expansion relay board sizes to suit any facility MEC2 Call for Pricing Easy Touch Equipment Controller With all the same benefits as the MEC2, the ETEC features additional unparalleled benefits, making this system the ultimate gymnasium equipment controller in the industry. The ETEC allows you to simultaneously raise your divider curtains and side court backstops, while lowering you main court backstops. The ETEC is truly a must-have control system for large facilities with quick turn-around time. Additional Key Features Include: > Wall mounted high resolution LCD touchscreen available in three sizes, 6”, 8”, or 10.4” with locking enclosure > System allows for simultaneous UP and DOWN equipment operation to, for example, quickly turn a basketball facility into a volleyball facility > Easily save or edit user programs such as “GAME DAY” or “PRACTICE” with the press of one button > On-the-fly quick selection programming with intuitive graphical interface > Displays the actual layout of your facility with no confusing codes to remember > *EXCLUSIVE* Advanced auxiliary component control to allow dimmable lighting and variable speed control fan control > *EXCLUSIVE* Display your school colors, logo, and/or mascot on the ETEC lock screen and equipment layout screen ETEC Call for Pricing When it comes to gymnasium equipment control systems, Jaypro Sports continues to hold dominant control above the competition. Jaypro Sports was the FIRST in the industry to introduce keyless control systems and was the FIRST to introduce simultaneous UP and DOWN equipment operation. Jaypro Sports offers two state-of-the-art wall mounted touchscreens to control your gymnasium equipment and/or auxiliary components. Each system is specifically tailored to your facility and can save thousands of dollars on installation and operational costs.