2018 JayPro Catalog

126 FIELD NETTING www.jaypro.com T: 800-243-0533 F: 800-988-3363 In-Ground FieldPro™ Net Systems Perimeter Net Systems for All Turf Fields In today’s congested sports complexes with multi-use fields in close proximity to each other, keeping balls within the confines of the field is important. Stop wasting time during practices and games chasing missed shots or errant passes. Ensure the safety of athletes, coaches, and spectators alike on adjacent fields and tracks. FieldPro™ Net Systems by Jaypro Sports offer ultimate design flexibility to suit all perimeter netting needs. Five Different Heights and Pole Styles 10’ Straight Pole with multi-sport net is ideal for use as a Lacrosse or Field Hockey backstop net. The net is clipped at the top and bottom of each pole for easy removal. 15’, 20’ and 30’ Straight Pole comes with an easy to use hoist system allowing quick and easy lowering or removal of the net after the game, season or before a big storm. Reinstalling the net is a snap - all from ground level with no need for a ladder. 20’ Offset Pole provides 3’ of offset which is ideal for use around the perimeter of soccer and baseball/softball fields. It’s also an added measure of safety from ricocheting balls. Basic Features & Recommendations > Pulley system to raise/lower net (excluding 10’ poles) > Ground sleeves and caps allow for complete system removal (optional but recommended) > Corrosion-resistant hardware included > Optional vinyl base covers sold separately > Pole can be powder coated black (specify when ordering) > Typical pole spacing is 18’ apart and should not exceed 20’ > It is recommended net systems are set back at least 25’ from the playing field > Call for pricing and details FR 1 Y ★ 3 Y