2018 JayPro Catalog

24 SOCCER www.jaypro.com T: 800-243-0533 F: 800-988-3363 Check It - Secure It - Test It - Respect It Jaypro Sports is committed to safety on the field. Because of this we have created the Secure 4 Safety Program, which promotes soccer goal safety. In our ongoing effort to provide athletes with the safest environment possible, Jaypro Sports has worked with the ASTM (American Standards for Tests and Measurement) to create new standards for portable soccer goals in the U.S. Many of the goals in this catalog have been tested in accordance with the standards set forth by the ASTM committee for portable soccer goal safety. (ASTM Designation: F2056 and F2673). The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has determined that portable official soccer goals should be anchored or counter- weighted at all times. All Jaypro Sports goals that meet NFHS, NCAA and FIFA specification are marked in this section, refer to www.jaypro.com for more information on ASTM guidelines and standards. Throughout this section, Jaypro Sports has listed the counterweight required for each soccer goal on page 26. Even with the ASTM requirement met in our testing, all soccer goals not permanently anchored must have a certain counterweight on the rear frame of the goal. Please refer to www.jaypro. com for a complete list of counterweight requirements for your particular goal. On-goal weights and in-ground anchors are available on pages 38-39 of this section. Anchor Options ASTM Testing