2018 JayPro Catalog

27 SOCCER www.jaypro.com T : 800-243-0533 F: 800-988-3363 NOVA™ Premiere Adjustable Goal Same as NOVA™ Premiere Goal (SGP-600) except with: > Infinitely adjustable rear crossbar allows goal to fit under any football goal post > No fixed settings and no fixed depth on crossbar (move a yard, a foot or inch) > Anchor kits are available for the football goal post (SFGA-6, SFGA-5 or SFGA-4) In-ground anchors or appropriate amount of counterweight required per goal. See chart on page 26 for ASTM counterweight requirements for your specific goal. SGP-600AX 364 lbs $5,129 pair FR 12 Y ★ ✗ Optional Wheel Kit Optional Premium Counterweights ASTM Compliant Net Attachment System NOVA™ Wheel Kit Attaches to any NOVA™ goal base (SGP-600 and NOVA™ club round and square) > (4) 10” no-flat wheels > Quick and easy wheel engagement > Kit equips 2 goals NSGWK 33 lbs $489 kit 3 Y > Bottom bar adjusts from 4’ to 8’ deep > Optional Wheel Kit (NSGWK) sold separately > Stainless steel hardware included > Nets sold separately > Ground anchors and counterweights sold separately > Dimensions: 24’W x 8’H x 4’B x 10’D Soccer/Football Anchor Kit > Fastens the soccer goal rear crossbar to a football goal gooseneck SFGA-6 6⅝” OD Gooseneck 10 lbs $130 each SFGA-5 59/16” OD Gooseneck 10 lbs $140 each SFGA-4 4½” OD Gooseneck 10 lbs $150 each 3 Y ★ 3 Y ★ 3 Y ★