2018 JayPro Catalog

55 FOOTBALL www.jaypro.com T : 800-243-0533 F: 800-988-3363 Football Training Lowdown Linemen Chute Ideal for training linemen and backers to stay low and to run blocking schemes and trap drills. > Heavy-walled steel upper frame reinforced for stability > Lightweight aluminum lower frame is chain suspended and fully padded > Easily adjust height from 42” to 66” with telescoping legs and angle position with support chains FBLC-20 6’W x 20’L 450 lbs $2,997 each FBLC-30 6’W x 30’L 500 lbs $3,797 each Linemen Chute Ideal as an instruction tool to teach the basics of coming off the ball low and drive upward. > Adjustable entrance with three height positions > 1⅝” heavy-duty steel tube frame with pin stop adjustment > Chutes can be attached to each other to replicate entire line > Dimensions: 5’W x 4’L x 40”-50”H FBLMCH 47 lbs $179 each Professional Portable Kicking Cage Ideal for warm-up exercises. > 15/16” heavy-duty galvanized steel frame > Durable knotless nylon kicking net helps contain balls > Folds down for convenient storage > Black Cordura carry bag included > Dimensions: 48”W x 86”H x 48”D PKC-1 39 lbs $489 each Replacement Net PKC-1N 5 lbs $135 each > 1⅝” powder coated frame with 26 lb weighted base > Heavy-duty slip-on nylon net included > Easy assembly without tools > Dimensions: 4’W x 6’6”H PK-64 35 lbs $175 each FR 3 Y ★ ✗ 3 Y 3 Y 3 Y 1 Y > Lightweight black weather-resistant mesh fabric screen won’t scratch player helmets > 12” heavy-duty pneumatic swivel wheels > Open access from all sides > Available in 2 sizes FR 3 Y ★ ✗ Portable Kicking Cage