2018 JayPro Catalog

62 BASEBALL / SOFTBALL www.jaypro.com T: 800-243-0533 F: 800-988-3363 Big League Portable Batting Cage > 2” heavy-duty Schedule 40 aluminum tube construction > #42 black climatized nylon net with rear net baffle > 4’ x 6’ x 4” thick thud pad, vinyl skirt and standard black ricochet padding on all overhead framing > Dual coach stands with leaning bar also serves as a convenient strut holder > Oversized 18” dia x 8”W pneumatic side wheels > Rear wheel handle can be lifted or lowered to move cage > Optional Tow Hitch (BL-TOWKIT) sold separately > Open Inside Dimensions: 18’W x 12’H x 22’D > Folded Outer Dimensions: 20’W x 6’H x 15’D BGLC-7500RB 600 lbs BGLC-7500BK BGLC-7500RD BGLC-7500GR BGLC-7500NB $4,997 each Vinyl Skirt > Royal Blue (RB), Black (BK), Red (RD), Green (GR), Navy Blue (NB) SKT-75XX 30 lbs $392 each Optional Tow Hitch Conversion Kit Oversized Pneumatic Wheels Rear Wheel Handle Batting Cages RED NAVY BLUE BLACK GREEN ROYAL BLUE FR 1 Y ✗ 5 Y 1 Y 3 Y 3 Y 3 Y Replacement Net BLN-3 $829 each 3 Y See page 80 for details on our batting cage canopy ★ Replacement Thud Pad > Royal Blue (RB), Black (BK), Red (RD), Green (GR), Navy Blue (NB) THUD-46XX 20 lbs $360 each Ricochet Padding Upgrade Kit Ideal for upgrading batting cages with durable vinyl covers. > Wraps around ricochet foam padding > Hook-and-loop attachment > Kit contains (21) 6 foot lengths > Royal Blue (RB), Black (BK), Red (RD), Green (GR), Navy Blue (NB) RPAD-UKITXX 10 lbs $321 kit Tow Hitch Conversion Kit Ideal for towing batting cages with any utility vehicle. BL-TOWKIT $250 each Shown with optional ricochet padding upgrade kit