2018 JayPro Catalog

68 BASEBALL / SOFTBALL www.jaypro.com T: 800-243-0533 F: 800-988-3363 Batting Tunnel Accessories Batting Tunnel Turf Ideal for batting cage floors, dugouts, baselines, bullpens, coach boxes, walkways and more. > All turf is green and sold by the square foot > Excess turf may be trimmed in the field > Call for freight quote > Maximize overhead space when net is in stored position > Allows support cables to be placed higher in the ceiling (up to 30’) > Net suspended on 1/8” aircraft cable every 3’ on center > Net and attachments sold separately > (3) 100’ rolls of 1/4” galvanized aircraft cable > Net attaches directly to cables running from wall to wall (attachment every 1’) > Net slides easily against wall for storage > Ships complete with all necessary hardware > Net and attachments sold separately Wall Mounting Kit > (6) finished wood pads and steel mounting plates > Attach to concrete, block or steel framed walls Quick Set-Up Indoor Batting Cage A full-size batting cage that sets up in minutes without the need for a ladder. > Cage attaches wall to wall using three marine grade rigging blocks with locking cams to both tension and lock net in position > When not in use there are no cables or structure left behind to interfere with or obstruct other activities > Available in two sizes (other sizes available upon request) > Ships complete with all items needed for attaching to building structure > Wall Mounting Kit (BBC-WLKT) available if mounting to concrete or block walls FR 1 Y FR 1 Y 3 Y 3 Y 3 Y 34 oz Poly Turf TURF34 $2.29 sq ft 12’W Rolls - Unitary Backing TURF34P $4.09 sq ft 12’W Rolls - 5mm Padded Backing 30 oz Nylon Turf TURF30 $2.99 sq ft 15’W Rolls - Unitary Backing TURF30P $4.69 sq ft 12’W or 15’W Rolls - 5mm Padded Backing FR 1 Y FR 1 Y FR 1 Y BBC-QS70 70’L x 14’W x 14’H 130 lbs $3,550 each BBC-QS55 55’L x 14’W x 14’H 130 lbs $3,250 each FR 1 Y Cable Suspended Tunnel Kit BBC-SPDKT $1,650 each Cable Supported Tunnel Kit BBC-SPRTKT $459 each > Wall anchors to be supplied by installer based on wall specifications BBC-WLKT $1,125 each TURF34 TURF34P Batting Mat > Indoor/outdoor use > Spike-resistant artificial turf with throw down home plate > Inlaid white lines and thick foam backing > Dimensions: 12’W x 6’L > Call for freight quote BML612G Green Clay 57 lbs $375 each BML612CL Red Clay 57 lbs $375 each 1 Y 1 Y