2018 JayPro Catalog

85 SPORTS TRAINING / SCOREBOARDS www.jaypro.com T : 800-243-0533 F: 800-988-3363 Wireless Tabletop Controller > 2.4GHz controller with 1,000 ft operating distance > Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery (up to 24 hours between charges) > Carry case included > Power: DC-5/V, max 1.0 amp, from external power supply or PC > Dimensions: 4”W x 12”H x 9”D Wireless Handheld Controller > 2.4GHz controller with 1,000 ft operating distance > Power: 2 AA alkaline or recharge- able batteries > 13” LED digital display > 2.4GHz integrated wireless > Tabletop controller (WTTC-1) or hand-held controller (WHC-1) sold separately > Adjustable 8 tone 125db horn > Dimensions: 1’9”W x 2’H x 4¼”D > See chart for powder coat and LED colors > Call for freight quote WHITE BRIGHT RED CARDINAL RED NAVY BLUE BLACK MAROON FOREST GREEN ROYAL BLUE PURPLE Enclosure Colors Numerals WTTC-1 3 lbs $795 each Shot and Play Clock SPC-2 25 lb $3,195 set 1 Y FR 1 Y Red Amber Scoreboard Accessories > Red LED display in a durable plastic case > Toggle switch operation, top red indicator lights and AC adapter with 15’ long cord POSIND1 3 lbs $141 each LED Backboard Light Kit > Backboard lights up when shot clock or game time reaches zero and when final segment counts down to zero > 5 bright LED strips fit 72”W x 42”H backboards > Requires 9VDC-17VDC (formal specified voltage is 10.5VDC) > Specify shot clock manufacturer/ model when ordering (connects with most shot clocks) > Kit includes all items required for your specific shot clock model > Connection by a qualified installer recommended > Call for freight quote > Designed for Jaypro Sports Elite Portable systems > Shot clock not included PBEL-SCBEA 30 lbs $386 each Tabletop Scoreboard > Rear control panel with visual display > Amber and gold LED lights > Scores up to 199 and timer up/down to 99:59 > Buzzer sounds automatically/manually at end of period > Uses 110v with 15’ power cord > Dimensions: 24”W x 15”H x 10”D TTS10 12 lbs $679 each 1 Y 3 Y 3 Y 3 Y Shot Clock Mounting Bracket Possession Indicator Digital display control panel on back for operator BB-LED42 25 lbs Call for Pricing WHC-1 1 lbs $355 each 1 Y Can be used with our Shot Clock Mounting Bracket