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3 ® PARK • STREET • CAMP SITE PRODUCTS To Help Us Serve You More Quickly … Please have the following product details ready when contacting us by telephone or e-mail to request additional product information or a Price Quotation. With this information at hand we can serve you more quickly. Tables and Benches Model Series: For example, XT Series picnic table or CXB Series bench. Preferred Frame Installation: Portable, surface mount or embedded frame posts. Preferred Frame Finish: Such as galvanized, or powder coated with color choice. Desired Length: For example, 4 foot, 6 foot, 8 foot, 10 foot, 12 foot. Top/Seat/Back Material: Such as lumber, recycled plastic or thermo-plastic coated steel. Wheelchair Accessible: For example, end or side access on a table. Trash and Recycling Model Series: For example, TRH Series or Amherst Series. Desired Shape: Such as round or square. Required Capacity: Such as 32 gallon or 55 gallon. Preferred Material: For example, lumber, recycled plastic or thermo-plastic coated steel. Lid Function: Collecting trash or recyclables. Type of Lid: Flat or domed, steel or plastic and which color. Choice of Mounts: For receptacle - surface mount or permanent pedestal mount. Grills and Firerings Model Series: Such as A-20 or FS-30. Size: Square inches of cooking area desired or firering diameter. Cooking Grate Adjustment: Infinitely Adjustable, multilevel or single level. Installation Method (grills): Embedded post, bolt down base plate, disk base or caster base. Installation Method (firerings): For example, tip back anchor pins or spade anchors. With this information at hand, Customer Service can quickly provide you with a complete Model Number for reference and a price quote including all of the requested features. Please help us serve you better by having as much of this product information available when you contact us. Thank you for calling! New Products Featured in this Catalog Benches Pg. 6-7 Sign Benches Pg. 11 Armrest for Benches Picnic Tables Pg. 42 APT Tables with 3"x4 " Recycled Plastic Trash & Recycling Pg. 57 Round Receptacle - side door Pg. 58 Square Frame Receptacle Pg. 58 Square Receptacle - side door Parking Pg. 78 Steel Wheels Racks Amenities Pg. 80 Bear Resistant Food Lockers Grills Pg. 92-94 Stainless Steel Grate Option on N Series and Q Series Grills Pg. 95 N2-2032 B2 Double Grill Firerings Pg. 103 FX Campfire Rings Pg. 110 Drop-in Cooking Grate Pg. 110 Campfire Ring Covers Our new site lets you pick the product you want, select custom features for that product and submit a quote request. Here's how it works... From the Home Page, select PRODUCT for a drop-down menu and click on the product line you are shopping for. This will take you to a landing page of thumbnail images and a brief description for each different style we offer. Then ... 1. Click on a specific design to see detailed Specifications. To customize the item, click on the CONFIGURE THIS PRODUCT NOW button. 2. A row of Tabs displaying the feature options will appear. Click to choose your first feature and save it. Return to the Tabs and click on the next feature option. Watch your product Model Number and Unit Price being built with each click and save. 3. When you have configured the product as you want it, enter the quantity and click ADD PRODUCT TO QUOTE CART . 4. You can CONTINUE SHOPPING , adding multiple configured items to your Quote Cart. Update the Quote Cart if needed. When finished, click REQUEST A QUOTE , complete the contact form and Submit the RFQ to us. When you receive our response confirming the price and providing a freight cost estimate, you can: (a) modify the quote quantities and return it to us to be revised, or (b) click on Finalize to create your Order and submit it to us. Please review your Quote Cart carefully before submitting your order. QUICK QUOTE Form: If you already know what you want, click on the Quick Quote link on the Home Page to go directly to the Quote Form and submit your complete quote request for our response. Thanks for shopping. We do appreciate your business. Enjoy the Outdoors! • Web Site: www.pilotrock.com • • E-Mail: pilotrock@rjthomas.com • www.pilotrock.com Outdoors