Parasol Brochure 800.354.7721 10 Cygnus New Shapes by Double Tree FSL 35-4 FCG 20 x 20 FDT 14 x 22 Hexagon FHX 30 Double Tree shelters are now available in sizes up to 25’ x 40’. Standard sizes available FCG 16 x 16 FCG 20 x 20 FCG 24 x 24 FCG 28 x 28 FCG 30 x 30 Available in optional three column model Standard sizes available FSC 8 FSC 10 FSC 12 FSC 14 FSC 16 Scorpio FSC 14 The 14’ square single column Scorpio sports a striking and contemporary look with its alternating roof peaks and valleys. The always versatile Hexagon is now available in diameters ranging from 20’ to 40’, with a 4:12 pitch roof for increased water runoff. Welcome to Vine Street Walkway is just the beginning of a new direction and look for Parasol. Check frequently for product updates, and be on the lookout for: • Vine Street Umbrellas • Vine Street Gazebos • Vine Street Information Stands ...and more! The four-column 20’ square Cygnus has an offset peak to accent its steeply pitched roof. A dynamic, yet practical shel- ter for multiple applications.