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The BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative lets you save time and money while purchasing the products you use every day. Through collaboration between the National School Boards Association (NSBA) and several State School Board Associations the following can benefit from BuyBoard:
  • School Districts
  • Counties
  • Cities, Municipalities
  • Community Colleges
  • Public Universities
  • Towns
  • Villages
  • Other Local Government Agencies

Developed to comply with state laws which require government entities to make purchases from an approved list of vendors who have gone through a competitive procurement process, BuyBoard gives districts the advantage of leveraging the cooperative’s ability to get volume discounts and makes it easier for its members to shop and order, knowing they are getting the best price possible.

We have been a member of the BuyBoard since its inception and have helped countless intities to aquire their needed equipment at a reduced price. Please let us help you receive the equipment you need at the best possible price by allowing us to give you a quote with our BuyBoard Vendor discount. It will "save you money".

You can visit the BuyBoard's web site at for more information.