We provide the following services to ensure our customer's satifaction:

* Planning: We can help you make your dream come true by helping you plan out your next project. The following are key to well thought out designs:
  • Safety Requirements
  • Local Regulations
  • Budget
  • Location Requirements
  • Specific Needs
We can help you with these and much more to ensure your planning phase is successful.

* Design: Designing your project area is key to making sure you get everything you want out of your location. We can help you by providing computerized layouts that allow you to see the design before you purchase. This is a big help with budgeting, making sure the products fit efficiently in your area and with phase planning for future development.

* Ordering: We make sure you have everything you need included in your order and verify color choices before making the final purchase.

* Installation: Installation of the equipment can be arranged by you or we can recommend an installation company for you. Whether installation is done by you or a construction company, we provide on site inspection of the equipment to ensure it has been installed properly according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

* Service: BJ's Park & Recreation Products, along with our manufacturers, stand behind our products. If an issue arrises with our equipment we are happy to assist you in resolving the matter. Whatever the need, we will do our best to continue to be of service to you for the life of your equipment.