Poligon Catalog

616-399-1963 Glacier White* Frame Colors Metal Roof Colors ** Premium colors represented with asterisks (**) are available with a slight upcharge * Colors represented with an asterisk (*) are also available in a textured finish For color ideas, visit our website to see combinations of frame and roof colors together Almond Surrey Beige* Canvas Taupe Suede Coastal Khaki Barkwood Tudor Brown* Patrician Bronze Bumper Black* Ash Gray* Fox Hollow Gray Greystone* Slate Terracotta* Pomegranate Canterbury Olive Tree* Hunter Green* Mountain Spruce Niagra River Harbor Blue* Atlantic Blue Sherwood Forest Regal White Bone White Sandstone Almond Surrey Beige Medium Bronze Tudor Brown Mansard Brown Patrician Bronze Dark Bronze Matte Black Brite Red Colonial Red Brandywine Patina Green Evergreen Hartford Green Roman Blue Regal Blue Galvalume Plus Ash Gray Slate Gray Charcoal Silver Metallic** Copper Penny** Colors shown are only representative. Order a color chart (L948) or actual color samples from our website, www.poligon.com 95 Frame & Roof Colors Shingle Colors Timber Blend Weathered Wood Nickel Grey Black