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The Past

       In 1979, Kevin and Tamma decided to get married after being high school sweetheart since sophomore year and they moved to Amarillo, Texas from Oklahoma to start their life together. In 1982, the couple moved to Santa Fe, Texas and began an installation business to help Tamma's sister who owned BJ's Park & Recreation Products at that time. They installed playground equipment, site amenities and shelters until Tamma's sister decided to retire and sell her business to them in 1984. At that time, the company encompassed all of Texas and Oklahoma. While their business grew, so did their family, and soon they were the proud parents of five children. After the challenges of balancing work and family, they decided to downsize the business to the south Texas region and become sole employees of the company. In 1991, as their oldest son was ready to start kindergarten, they moved the office to Magnolia, Texas, where it remains today.

The Present

       BJ's Park & Recreation Products is still owned and operated by Kevin and Tamma Hanes. In fact, they are still the only employees as they like to keep things simple and easy to manage. The success of the company has seen the Hanes' through the growth and education of their five children. The three oldest are successfully working in fields of their choice and the two youngest are finishing up college to soon pursue their dreams. The oldest son and the third oldest and only daughter, have blessed the Hanes' with three grandchildren whom they get to see and enjoy on a regular basis. The Hanes' love spending time with family and friends and take family trips and vacations on a regular basis but NOT in their RV. They purchased a small RV for the sole purpose of getting away from time to time, just the two of them to recharge and refocus on what's important in their lives; each other.

The Future

       The future is but a continuation of the journey that has given the Hanes' so much in the way of family, prosperity and lasting relationships. They have been truly blessed with all that life has to offer and they look forward to their, and their families, future full of potential, possibilities, and adventures. They look to the past for guidance, but they focus on the future and where it can and will take them. For their philosophy is, "Life is a journey, not a destination, and it is what you make it"!