Skin Cancer Prevention 2018

22 Policy and Program Indicators Many environmental and policy interventions can decrease overexposure to UV radiation and increase use of sun protection by making it easier for people to make healthy choices. Indoor Tanning Restrictions for Minors The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that indoor tanning devices should not be used by minors younger than 18 years. 26 CDC research suggests that indoor tanning laws that include age restrictions may be effective in reducing indoor tanning, particularly among high school girls. 21 As of June 2018, 17 states and the District of Columbia have prohibited indoor tanning among minors younger than 18 (Figure 7). In December 2015, the FDA proposed a nationwide rule to restrict tanning bed use to adults aged 18 or older and require that they sign a risk acknowledgement certification before use. 27 Figure 7. State Indoor Tanning Restrictions for Minors Younger than 18 Years, as of June 2018 Prohibits all minors under 18 from tanning Prohibits some minors from tanning a Parental permission or accompaniment only No restrictions for minors b b Source: National Conference of State Legislatures. 28 a “Prohibits some minors from tanning” is defined as restrictions for any other age group, including for minors younger than 17, 16, 15, or 14. b As of June 25, 2018, in both New York and Rhode Island, a bill prohibiting all minors under 18 from indoor tanning was awaiting the state governor’s signature.