Skin Cancer Prevention 2018

24 Sunscreen Access in Schools The FDA regulates sunscreen as an over-the-counter (OTC) drug product. In many school districts, students’ ability to carry or use FDA-regulated OTC drug products of any kind while on school property is restricted, unintentionally creating barriers to adequate sun protection for students. Realizing this concern, some states have passed legislation permitting students to carry and self-apply sunscreen while at school. As of June 2018, 13 states have passed legislation allowing students to carry and self-apply sunscreen during school (Figure 8). 7,30 Seven of those states passed their school sunscreen legislation in 2017. 7 Figure 8. State Laws for Sunscreen Use in Schools, as of June 2018 Sunscreen legislation in place No legislation in place Source: Adapted from Patel & Holman, 2018. 7,30 Source: Adapted