Skin Cancer Prevention 2018

26 Conclusion Although we have seen measurable progress since The Call to Action was released, much more work still needs to be done. Recent successes include a slight decrease in the incidence of melanoma among teens and younger adults, and a reduction in the prevalence of indoor tanning among adults and high school students, including demographic subgroups with the highest use of indoor tanning. However, we have yet to achieve progress on increasing the use of sun protection or reducing sunburn, and over half of high school students and one-third of adults get sunburned each year. The percentage of schools providing education on sun safety or skin cancer prevention has decreased in recent years. In addition, melanoma incidence rates have continued to increase steadily among older non-Hispanic white adults. The overall burden of skin cancer in the United States remains a public health problem that warrants continued prevention efforts across community sectors. Working together, we can translate what we know into action and protect more Americans from the harms of UV radiation.