Complete Parks Playbook

Acknowledgements Written by Diane Dohm (planner) and Ian McLaughlin (senior staff attorney), with additional writing support from Heather Wooten (vice president of programs). Additional support provided by Kim Arroyo Williamson (senior communications manager) and Catalina Baker (copywriter and editor). All are affiliated with ChangeLab Solutions. The authors would like to thank the experts who reviewed and provided input on this Playbook: Stephanie Stephens, Executive Director of the California Park & Recreation Society; Dee Merriam with the Centers for Disease Control; Martin Gonzalez, Director of the Institute of Local Government; Craig Bronzan of Bronzan Consulting; and Kanat Tibet with the California Center for Public Health Advocacy. This Playbook was created by ChangeLab Solutions using funds generously provided by Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California Community Benefits Programs, with supplemental funding from Kaiser Permanente’s Southern California Community Benefits Programs. Contents Creating a Complete Parks System 1 Complete Parks System: What Is It and Why Is It Important? 2 Engage : Engaging Everyone in the Process 5 Connect: Creating Safe Routes to Parks 8 Locate: Ensuring Equitable Access to Parks 10 Activate: Programming Activities and Amenities for Parks 13 Grow: Planting and Maintaining Sustainable Parks 15 Protect: Making Parks Safe 17 Fund : Committing to Finance the Complete Parks System 19 References 21