DogiPot / DogiPark Catalog

The SMART Solution to Dog Pollution DOGIPOT ® offers the broadest, most trusted line of dog waste removal products. DOGIPOT ® products, especially DOGIPOT ® SMART Litter Pick Up Bags ™ , inspire responsible dog ownership that helps keep all dog friendly areas cleaner. • MOST TRUSTED. DOGIPOT ® SMART Litter Pick Up Bags ™ are the most trusted dog waste bag on the market. The trust in our bags leads to the highest pick up rate success, fewer complaints and cleaner dog friendly areas. • SUPERIOR VALUE. DOGIPOT ® ’s superior value of our dispensers, trash liners and litter pick up bags saves customers money in the long run. • BROADEST SELECTION. DOGIPOT ® offers more choices of products to meet all your dog pollution and dog park needs. EXPERIENCE THE DOGIPOT ® ADVANTAGE! The SMART Dog Park Solution DOGIPARK ® offers the highest quality dog park agility and amenity equipment. DOGIPARK ® products help bring great excitement, character and comfort to dog parks for both dogs and their owners. • GREAT EXERCISE . DOGIPARK ® ’s agility equipment provides countless hours of exercise for dogs and encourages quality active time with their owners. • GREAT COMFORT. DOGIPARK ® ’s dog park amenities are aesthetically pleasing and provide more comfort for longer enjoyment by dog owners. • GREATER SENSE OF COMMUNITY. DOGIPARK ® ’s agility and amenity equipment make community dog parks more attractive and bring community members together more often.