Rejuvenating Through Parks

National Recreation and Park Association © 2011 All Rights Reserved 69 Credits A special thanks to the people and organizations that made this Tool Kit a reality Urban Park and Recreation Experts: Marilyn Boyd Drew Joseph Wynns Principal Author Ellen O’Sullivan, Ph D Chair, The Center for Public Recreation and Parks Non-Profits Assisting with the Tool Kit Steve Coleman, Executive Director of Washington Parks and People Autumn Saxton-Ross, Ph D , Former staff member of Washington Parks and People A special thanks to Partnership for Parks for sharing its information, insights, and model for park and community revitalization. Partnerships for Parks is an innovative joint program of City Parks Foundation and the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation that was founded in 1995 Its mission is to help residents of New York City work together to make neighborhood parks thrive The park and recreation agencies across the country that shared examples and insight Published by The National Recreation and Park Association, Ashburn, VA 2011