Guide for Designing Parks

II | NATIONAL RECREATION AND PARK ASSOCIATION ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Great Urban Parks Campaign: Green Infrastructure in Underserved Communities is a partnership between the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) and the American Planning Association (APA), with support from the Low Impact Development Center Inc. (LID Center). The purpose is to improve environmental and social outcomes in underserved communities through green infrastructure in urban, regional and municipal parks. Additional resources on designing and implementing green stormwater management projects in urban parks to improve equity can be found by visiting NRPA’s Great Urban Parks Campaign webpage . Available materials include briefing papers, webinars and case studies focused on the integration of green infrastructure stormwater management in parks in a manner that improves social equity, environmental quality and economic benefit. This resource guide was prepared by the LID Center for NRPA. NRPA would like to acknowledge the contributions of: • Jill Bankston, County of San Diego Parks and Recreation • Emily Clifton, LID Center • Richard Dolesh, NRPA • Robert Goo, Environmental Protection Agency • Jennifer Henaghan, APA • Shaun O’Rourke, Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank • Serda Ozbenian, NRPA • Emma Prindle, LID Center • Lori Robertson, NRPA • David Rouse, APA • Rebecca Wickline, NRPA This work was made possible by the generous support of The JPB Foundation. Front cover photo credit: Tom Fox/SWA Graphic Design: Kim Mabon, Creative By Design