Green Infrastructure in Parks

23 PARKS GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE ACTIONS CHECKLIST Consider the following actions at your park to implement green infrastructure: Action Benefit to Parks □ Convert turf areas with high maintenance requirements to bioretention areas or other naturalized areas Reduces maintenance and other costs associated with the management of turf □ Install cisterns or rain barrels to collect roof runoff for irrigation Reduces potable or recycled water use □ Install permeable pavement or pavers Reduces runoff, pavement maintenance, and use of deicers □ Amend soils to improve infiltration Eliminates standing water and mosquito breeding habitat □ Install bioretention in underutilized perimeter areas Reduces runoff and flooding and beautifies low- use landscaped areas □ Include educational signage describing BMPs and stormwater impacts Creates opportunities for environmental education □ Install green roofs Increases lifespan of roof, lowers energy cost, and manages stormwater □ Remove unnecessary impervious surfaces Reduces runoff and decreases erosion These green infrastructure actions can help p ark a gencies meet one or more of the following goals and priorities, including: • Enhancing park aesthetics with natural drainage. • Providing recreational opportunities in underserved communities. • Meeting the demand for better park features. • Reducing landscape and facility maintenance. • Improving drainage in low-lying areas. • Eliminating mosquito breeding habitat. • Improving the quality of compacted urban soils. • Providing habitat for ecological diversity. • Sharing costs among agencies. • Providing ideal locations for green stormwater management.