Green Infrastructure in Parks

GETTING STARTED Adding green infrastructure practices in a park is a multi-step process that involves a variety of stakeholders. The first phase of any project involves identifying partners. Engaging with partners from the outset of the project will ensure that the necessary expertise is available to guide the project from an idea through its implementation. The second phase includes relationship building, leveraging funds, identifying which green infrastructure practices to use, and planning for maintenance. Selection of high-visibility pilot projects can draw attention to the work being undertaken and encourage community support. The following sections walk through the steps in the process. Case studies are provided to highlight examples of successfully projects. 1. Identify and Engage Partners 2. Build Relationships 3. Leverage Funding Opportunities 4. Identify Green Infrastructure Opportunities 5. Plan for Maintenance 6. Undertake High-Visibility Pilot Projects Figure 1. Process for implementing green infrastructure. 7