Shade Planning for Schools

42 Shade Planning for America’s Schools Chapter 6 Following are examples of questions that would be appropriate for school principals, teachers, students, and other stakeholders. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list, but instead gives samples of questions that might be most appropriate for each stakeholder group. The planning team will need to tailor their questions to the issues and concerns specific to their schools. Sample Questions for School Principals • How many students attend the school? • What is the age range and distribution of the students? • Does the school have sun-safe policies in effect? Hats? Sunglasses? Long-sleeved shirts? Sunscreen? • What are the outdoor activities in which students participate? Recess? Lunch? Assemblies? Physical education? Educational activities? Informal social gatherings? Extended day activities? Intermural and intramural athletic events? • For each: Where do they occur? (Have interviewee refer to site plan.) At what time of day do they occur? What is the duration of the activity? • Do you believe there is adequate accessible shade on the school grounds? If not, where is additional shade most needed? (The interviewee should be asked to refer to the site plan.) • Is there inaccessible shade on the school grounds that could be made accessible? • Is there a need for an area on the school grounds that is protected from precipitation? • Are there plans for making improvements to the school, such as remodeling, adding classroom space, or landscaping projects? • Does the school currently have problems with, or has it recently experienced problems with vandalism? • Are there groups that have permission to use the school grounds after school hours and on weekends? • Are there groups that, without formal permission, use the school grounds after school hours and on weekends? • Can you think of any barriers to providing additional shade at this school? • What type of shade do you think would work best at this school (solid-roof structure, shade cloth structure, or natural shade)? Sample Questions for School Teachers • What age group do you teach and how many students are in your class? • What are the outdoor activities in which your class participates? Recess? Lunch? Assemblies?