Outdoor Developed Areas Accessibility Standards

accessibility standards for Federal outdoor developed areas 29 Trailheads Definition [F106 5] A trailhead is defined as an outdoor space that is designated by an entity responsible for administering or maintaining a trail to serve as an access point to the trail. The junction of two or more trails or the undeveloped junction of a trail and a road is not a trailhead. For example, if a trail crosses the road, the crossing does not automatically become a trailhead. Trailhead Information Signs [F216 13 and 101710] All hikers need trail information to make informed decisions. For exam- ple, hikers want to know which trail is most appropriate for the amount of time they have available, the people in their group, and the type of hike that best suits their needs or desires. Information about the acces- sibility of a trail enables people with disabilities to decide whether the characteristics of the trail are suited to their abilities. When this infor- mation is available on Web sites and in printed materials, it allows all hikers, including people with disabilities, the opportunity to understand the possible challenges of the trail before arriving at the trailhead.