Outdoor Developed Areas Accessibility Standards

32 A SUMMARY OFACCESSIBILITY STANDARDS FOR OUTDOOR DEVELOPEDAREAS accessibility standards for Federal outdoor developed areas Outdoor Recreation Access Routes at Trailheads [F2473 2] Trailheads are usually accessed by vehicle rather than by hiking. At least one outdoor recreation access route (ORAR) must connect the following at trailheads: ¡ ¡ Accessible parking spaces or other arrival points ¡ ¡ The starting point of the trail ¡ ¡ Accessible elements, spaces, and facilities within the trailhead The technical requirements for ORARs are discussed in the section of this guide on ORARs. ORARs provide greater accessibility than a trail because areas served by ORARs are typically more developed than trails. Existing Trailheads [F202 3] At existing trailheads, if elements or spaces are altered but the circulation path to the altered space or element is not changed, the circulation path does not have to be altered to comply with the technical requirements of ORARs. If the circulation path at a trailhead is altered and a condition for exception does not permit full compliance with a specific provision in the technical require- ments for ORARs, the circulation path must comply with the specific provision to the extent practicable. Additional information on the conditions for excep- tions is provided in the section of this guide on the conditions for exceptions.