Outdoor Developed Areas Accessibility Standards

accessibility standards for Federal outdoor developed areas 37 used for newly constructed ORARs at viewing areas. Additional information on the conditions for exceptions is provided in the section of this guide on the conditions for exceptions. Although not required, documenting use of the con- ditions for exceptions on a portion of an ORAR and retaining the documentation with the project records can be helpful if a complaint is filed with the Access Board alleging that the ORAR does not comply with the technical requirements. If a roadway is the common circulation path for pedestrians within camping and picnic facilities or at viewing areas and trailheads, an ORAR may be provided within the roadway. When an ORAR is provided within the roadway, it is exempted from the technical requirements for cross slope, running grade, resting intervals, and passing spaces. The other technical requirements apply to ORARs provided within the roadway. For instance, where traffic calming devices, gates, or other barriers are provided on a paved roadway, the ORAR must have a clear width of 36 inches and obstacles cannot exceed one-half inch in height at their highest point within the clear width of the ORAR. Surface [1016 2] The surfaces of ORARs, passing spaces, and resting intervals must be firm and stable. Additional information on firm and stable surfaces is provided in the trails section of this guide. Slip resistance is not required because leaves and needles, dirt, ice, snow, and other surface debris and weather conditions are components of the natu- ral environment that would be difficult, if not impossible, to avoid. During the design process, evaluating the planned surface material for noticeable distortion or compression during the seasons for which the surface is managed, and for stability under normally occurring weather conditions and expected uses, can be helpful. If the planned surface material does not remain firm and stable during this evaluation, another surfacing product may be a more appropriate choice.