Outdoor Developed Areas Accessibility Standards

58 A SUMMARY OFACCESSIBILITY STANDARDS FOR OUTDOOR DEVELOPEDAREAS accessibility standards for Federal outdoor developed areas from a seated position. However, armrests on both ends of a bench could prevent a person using a mobility device from being able to transfer from the device onto the bench. One option is to provide a bench with a backrest and one armrest placed in the middle of the bench. Another option is to place a single armrest on the end of the bench farthest from the clear ground space. The technical requirements in section 903 of the ABA Standards apply only to benches used for dressing and undressing in fitting and locker rooms, and not to benches used for sitting in an outdoor developed area. Water Hydrants and Water Spouts [1011 2, 1011 3, and 1011 6] Water hydrants are outdoor devices for dispensing water, including water faucets on posts and hand pumps. The opening for dispensing the water is called a water spout. At water hydrants, a minimum of 72 by 48 inches of clear ground space must be provided with the long side of the space adjoining or overlapping an ORAR or trail as appli- cable, or another clear ground space (figure 23). The clear ground space must be located so that the water spout is between 11 and 12 inches from the rear center of the long side of the space. This allows people using mobility devices to approach and operate the water spout from either the right or left side. There are different technical requirements for the clear ground space at water utility hookups in camping units required to provide mobility features, which are discussed in the next section. There are also different technical require- ments for drinking fountains in section 602 of the ABA Standards.