Outdoor Developed Areas Accessibility Standards

accessibility standards for Federal outdoor developed areas 63 Other Features Sinks [F212 3, Exception 2] Sinks in camping and picnic facilities are not required to comply with the technical requirements for sinks in Section 606 of the ABA Standards, unless a cooktop or conventional range is provided. Lavatories must comply with the technical requirements for lavatories in section 606 of the ABA Standards. When hot water is provided, the drainpipes at sinks and lavatories must be wrapped, insulated, or shielded to help prevent a person using a mobil- ity device from accidentally touching the hot drainpipes. This is especially important if a forward approach is provided. Toilet and Bathing Facilities [F213 and 603 through 610] When toilet and bathing facilities are provided, they must comply with the scoping and technical requirements in sections F213 and 603 through 610 of the ABA Standards. When bathing facilities are provided, at least one transfer shower, roll-in shower, or accessible bathtub must be provided. When multiple single user portable toilet or bathing units are clustered at the same location, no more than 5 percent of the units at each cluster must com- ply with the technical requirements in section 603 of the ABA Standards. RESTROOM