Outdoor Developed Areas Accessibility Standards

accessibility standards for Federal outdoor developed areas 65 Camping Facilities Definition [F106 5] A camping facility is a site, or a portion of a site, that is developed for outdoor recreational purposes and contains camping units. A camping unit is an outdoor space in a camping facility that is used for camping and contains outdoor constructed features, parking spaces for RVs or other vehicles, tent pads or tent platforms, or camp shelters. Camping Units With Mobility Features [F244 2] Camping facilities must provide a minimum number of camping units with mobility features based on the total number of camping units provided in the camping facility, in accordance with table 5. When different types of camping units are provided (e.g., camping units for RVs only or tent camping only, or camping units with camp shelters), table 5 applies to each type of camping unit provided. If a camping facility has 15 units for tent camping only and 30 units for RVs only, then at least two of the tent camping units and at least three of the RV units must provide mobility features.