Outdoor Developed Areas Accessibility Standards

accessibility standards for Federal outdoor developed areas 67 Example A camping facility has 50 RV camping units. The facility currently does not have an RV camping unit with mobility features. Twenty-five additional RV units are being added to the facility. With the addition of 25 new units, 2 of the newly added units are required to have mobility features even though, in new construction, 75 new units would require 4 units with mobility features to be provided. The scoping requirements apply to any subsequent alteration or addition until the full number of units with mobility features required on a site is satisfied. When an entity is implementing a transition plan for program accessibility developed pursuant to regulations issued under section 504 of the Rehabili- tation Act, which designates specific camping units to provide mobility fea- tures, the entity is not required to provide accessible elements when altering individual elements within camping units that are not designated to provide mobility features. When all the elements within a camping unit are altered, the altered camping unit must provide mobility features unless the minimum number of camping units with mobility features required in table 5 is already provided at the camping facility. Dispersion [F244 2 2] Camping units with mobility features must provide choices of units compara- ble to and integrated with those available to all other campers. For instance, if camping units are provided near a body of water or on the foothills, then some units with mobility features must also be located in the same settings.