Outdoor Developed Areas Accessibility Standards

accessibility standards for Federal outdoor developed areas 69 A SUMMARY OFACCESSIBILITY STANDARDS FOR OUTDOOR DEVELOPEDAREAS RV Parking Spaces Within Camping Units With Mobility Features and RV Pull-Up Spaces at Dump Stations [F244. and F244.4] RV parking spaces within camping units with mobility features and RV pull-up spaces at dump stations must comply with the technical require- ments for width, surface, and slope of RV spaces. Width of Spaces [1012.2] Parking spaces and pull-up spaces for RVs must be at least 20 feet wide to accommodate RVs equipped with a lift (figure 27). RVs are typically 8 feet wide and require a 9-foot-wide space. RVs equipped with a lift need an additional 8 feet of space on the passenger’s side to deploy the lift and to allow people using mobility devices to maneuver onto and off of the lift. Utility hookups for RVs are typically located on the driver’s side of the vehicle. An additional 3 feet of space is needed on the driver’s side so that people using mobility devices can access the utility hookups. Where two adjacent parking spaces are provided for RVs, one of the parking spaces is permitted to be narrower, but must be at least 16 feet wide. Figure 27—An accessible recreational vehicle with a wheelchair lift.