Outdoor Developed Areas Accessibility Standards

accessibility standards for Federal outdoor developed areas 73 Camp Shelters [1014] Definition [F106 5] A camp shelter is a partially enclosed structure that provides campers and hikers cover from weather and that does not contain plumbing fixtures or kitchen appliances. Camp shel- ters are often located on long-distance trails. Camp shelters are not cabins, which are typically larger and must comply with the ABA Standards for transient lodging. Exceptions [1014 1, Exceptions 1 and 2] When a condition for exception does not permit full compliance with a specific provision in the technical requirements for camp shelters, the camp shelter must comply with the specific provision to the extent practicable. Additional information on the conditions for exceptions is provided in the section of this guide on the conditions for exceptions. The technical requirements for protruding objects in section 309 of the ABA Standards do not apply to camp shelters. Many times, the roof of a camp shelter is sloped or does not permit someone to stand fully erect while in the shelter.