Outdoor Developed Areas Accessibility Standards

accessibility standards for Federal outdoor developed areas 75 Roll-in Access [1014 2 2] To provide roll-in access into a camp shelter, a level or sloped entry route that complies with the technical requirements for an ORAR or trail, as applicable, must be provided along the open side of the camp shelter. Handrails and edge protection are not required on a sloped entry into a camp shelter but may be useful to people with and without disabilities. When roll-in access is provided, a turning space at least 60 inches in diam- eter or a T-shaped space with an arm at least 60 by 36 inches and a base at least 36 inches wide and 24 inches long must be provided inside the camp shelter. Floor [1014 3] The floor surface within a camp shelter must be firm and stable. When the floor surface is constructed of asphalt, concrete, or boards, the slope of the floor surface must be no steeper than 1:48 (2 percent) in any direc- tion, regardless of the type of access provided (e.g., sloped entry or trans- fer access). When the floor surface is constructed of materials other than asphalt, concrete, or boards, slopes no steeper than 1:20 (5 percent) are allowed when necessary for drainage.