Outdoor Developed Areas Accessibility Standards

accessibility standards for Federal outdoor developed areas 1 Introduction The Access Board is responsible for developing accessibility guidelines for the construction and alteration of facilities covered by the Americans with Dis- abilities Act (ADA) of 1990 and the Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) of 1968. The guidelines ensure that the facilities are readily accessible to and usable by people with disabilities. The Access Board issued the current guidelines in 2004. The 2004 guidelines contain provisions for several types of recre- ation facilities, including boating facilities, fishing piers and platforms, golf facilities, play areas, sports facilities, and swimming pools. The Access Board amended the 2004 guidelines in 2013 by adding new provisions for trails, picnic and camping facilities, viewing areas, and beach access routes con- structed or altered by Federal agencies or by non-federal entities on Federal land on behalf of a Federal agency pursuant to a concession contract, part- nership agreement, or similar arrangement.