Outdoor Developed Areas Accessibility Standards

82 A SUMMARY OFACCESSIBILITY STANDARDS FOR OUTDOOR DEVELOPEDAREAS accessibility standards for Federal outdoor developed areas Beach Access Routes Beach access routes allow pedestrians to cross a beach so that they can play, swim, or participate in other beach- or water-related activities. A beach access route is a continuous, unobstructed path that crosses the surface of the beach and provides pedestrians access to the water. Beach access routes are not required where pedestrian access to the beach is not allowed. Beach access routes can be permanent or removable. Removable beach access routes may be an option where restrictive permits are issued in coastal and shoreline areas, where seasonal tides or high flows may remove or damage a permanent structure, or in areas where the beach erodes or builds up quickly each season and causes a permanent beach access route to become inaccessible. Removable beach access routes can be moved to a protected storage area during storms and other periods when the routes are subject to damage or loss. There are no scoping requirements for outdoor constructed features provided on beaches. Outdoor constructed features provided on beaches don’t have to be connected by beach access routes, ORARs, trails, or accessible routes. Whenever possible, providing access to outdoor constructed features on a beach gives people with disabilities more independence and opportunities to participate in beach- or water-related activities.