Outdoor Developed Areas Accessibility Standards

accessibility standards for Federal outdoor developed areas 85 Removable Beach Access Route Requirements Removable beach access routes are not required to comply with the specific require- ments for running slope, cross slope, resting intervals, and dune crossings. Connections [1018 2] Beach access routes must connect an entry point to the beach to the high tide level at tidal beaches (figure 30); the mean high water level at river beaches; and the normal recreation water level at lake, pond, and reservoir beaches. Whenever possible, providing a beach access route that extends into the water will allow people to remain in their mobility devices and to transfer directly into the water. Figure 30—The high tide level at a coastal beach. Surface [1018 3] The surface of beach access routes and resting intervals must be firm and stable. Sand is not a firm and stable surface. Additional information on firm and stable surfaces is provided in the trails section of this guide.