Benefits of Solar Lighting

What is Solar Lighting?

Renewable energy has increasingly become the subject of discussions that seek to find causes and solutions to the rising environmental crisis and pollution. Indeed, there is no doubt that conventional, industrial production of energy is using up our exhaustible resources and causing more an more harm to our environment. In the past few decades, solar energy has been identified as one of the most effective of all the inexhaustible and renewable energy sources. Many countries are already doing a great job of promoting households and companies to invest in solar energy panels. The energy collected by solar panels can be used for various purposes and one of them is to produce solar lighting. Basically, it is a lighting system that provides and stores its own energy from its own source.

Why Outdoor Solar Lighting Is Important

Outdoor lighting serves a variety of purposes and benefits for urban, commercial, and residential properties. It can light up a trail or walkway, make park facilities accessible at night, add style and compliment a building, create the perfect ambiance at a hosted event and give a presentation that wards off potential and dangerous threats. Whether the reason is functionality, design or safety; here are five reasons why solar-powered outdoor lighting is a perfect solution for your location.

First – Affordable

Trying to reduce that pricey power bill? Outdoor solar lights are extremely cost-efficient since they are operated by rechargeable batteries via the sun and do not require any trenching or wiring whatsoever. Using LED bulbs is beneficial for consumers looking to cut back spending since they generally last longer than traditional bulbs and use less energy. Our all-in-one solar light is the clear choice for energy savings and superior light output.

Second – Environmentally Friendly

Solar lights are an easy way for you to decrease your carbon footprint. Aside from using converted energy from the sun, solar-powered lights are also eco-friendly due to the materials they are made with. The LED light bulb boasts a 10-year lifespan, meaning you will not have to constantly replace and throw away old and dead light bulbs. In comparison to incandescent light bulbs, LED light bulbs are designed to consume less energy and last longer.

Third – Safety

Not only is outdoor lighting aesthetically pleasing, but it also makes your park, fitness trail, parking garage, workplace, parking lot, or residence less vulnerable to potential threats. If the building appears to be occupied or has security fixtures in place, it can decrease the chances of having the property broken into or vandalized. For areas known for having bad weather and power outages, exterior solar lights are beneficial since the fixture would continue to function as it normally would because it is operated on its rechargeable battery source.

Fourth – Hassle Free

Limitations come when people decide to use standard gas or electric outdoor lighting. One of the biggest setbacks is that you can only install these types of fixtures in a spot near a gas or electrical connection. Secondly, a majority of electric fixtures are complex and require a professional electrician to trench or run overhead wiring. This process is both time-consuming and costly. With solar lighting, installation takes minutes and does not require costly routine maintenance.

Fifth – Versatile

Since outdoor solar lights do not require electrical wiring, a majority of these solar light fixtures are designed with the ability to install and place them just about anywhere that receives direct sun. Also, most existing exterior lighting can be converted to solar lighting with our simple solar panel. Show your community you care by lighting up their walkways, pathways, parks, streets and neighborhoods with solar powered energy lights.

Solar Lights…help you see what you need to see…

when you need to see it!