Wellbeing of a Friend

Why a Dog Park

We’ve all had a four-legged best friend in our life at some point, but did we ever consider life from their perspective? Animals and people have characteristics in common, and dogs, especially, seem to adapt to their master’s characteristics or way of life. If the master is active and hyper, so is the dog and if the master is passive and lethargic, so is the dog. We need to encourage our pets to be happy and healthy by being active but not hyper and passive but not lethargic. We need balance in our lives and so do they. Dog parks are one way to help them find their balance.

Power Hour

Dog parks help to balance our best friends physically through exercise. Whether they provide agility equipment or not, dog parks generally provide a large enough space for dogs to run and play freely without leashes or small confined areas. This sense of freedom allows dogs a physical sense of well-being as they feel they get to choose what activity they want to participate in and just how much energy and effort they want to exert. For younger dogs, this is a good way to release some of their pent-up “puppy” energy and for older dogs, they get to still participate but at their own pace. Young or old, the physical activities help them stay healthy and balanced.

Social Hour

Dog parks help to balance our best friends physically with exercise, but they also balance their well-being with social interaction. Dogs are just as social as people and are not meant to be lone wolves, so to speak. They like being a part of a pack and participating in group activities. Whether they’re chasing or being chased, it’s all part of social play that help them balance their mental attitude of being a part of something besides themselves. They learn, through learned social skills, to share and get along with others which helps them do the same with their human companions.

Bonding Time

Dog parks are great places for you to get to know your best friend and how they interact with others, both animal and human. It’s a time when you can observe their characteristics and make note of any that might need correcting or supporting. Dogs are like people in that they need a little help every now and then but unlike people, dogs can’t ask for the help they need. We as owners must pick up on our pet’s needs and address them as they arise to complete the overall balance of wellbeing for our best friends.

“Balancing one’s wellbeing…One dog at a time!”