A Time for Gratitude

In the busy, chaotic world in which we find ourselves, it is not easy to take the time to appreciate the opportunities and gifts we are given at the time we receive them. Sometimes we don’t even realize we have received such a precious treasure until much later when we have had a chance to see how that moment has played out for us and helped us grow. Gratitude is a way of looking at life with an appreciation for what it is; an opportunity.


A Time for Reflection

Reflection is a key ingredient in helping us recognize the opportunities and gifts we have received. Without reflecting back over our experiences, we would miss out on recognizing all the treasures we have received and what they actually accomplished in our lives. However, in reflecting back over our experiences, we are able to better understand how situations played out for us and helped us in ways we didn’t even comprehend at the time. Reflection gives us understanding and understanding helps us grow.


A Time for Celebration

Once we understand the significance of an opportunity given us, we feel a celebration in our heart for that opportunity for growth and the gift of knowledge it has granted us. We celebrate our newfound understanding of what life has bestowed on us with a renewed sense of love and gratefulness for what is yet to come. This understanding gives us hope for the future and ensures we look at our future with eyes of appreciation. Developing an attitude of gratitude is one of the simplest ways to improve our satisfaction with life.


A Time for Giving

As we become content and satisfied with our lives, we become more aware of those around us and how we can help them achieve the same in their lives. We become aware of the opportunities we have to share and give to others what we have received for ourselves. Receiving and giving are the natural flow of life and when you are in the flow, you are able to receive and then pay it forward to others so that they may also receive. Receiving from others is precious but giving to others is a blessing.


A Time for “Thank You”

We, at BJ’s Park & Recreation Products, are profoundly grateful for receiving the support and friendship of our community for the past 36 years. Without this support and friendship, we would not have had the amazing opportunity to watch our company thrive and support our family. Gratitude is not just saying “thank you”, it is a heartfelt state of being truly appreciative of what one has received and knowing that in the receiving; it has changed your life for the better!

Simply put…“Thank You”!