Shade Structure Design

Shade structures come in all shapes and sizes from oversized umbrellas to basketball court covers. These structures are engineered to perform their desired function and withstand the elements to give you a long lasting shaded environment. The structural design of the open air building allows the air underneath to flow freely, thus letting it be cooler than the sunny areas by as much as 25 degrees. Each design is custom made with the end location in mind so that it fits perfectly and does the job it was engineered to do, which is provide shade to those who need it.

Fabric Shade Structures

Shade structures not only come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes but they also can be designed using different materials. Fabric shade structures are still manufactured with strong steel supports but the roof of the structure is made with the highest quality architectural shade fabric and teflon thread. The fabric and thread materials are UV resistant so that they can withstand the outdoor environment and continue to provide shade protection.

Metal Shade Structures

Metal shade structures also have steel supports keep them in place but they also have metal roof membranes. All facets of the building is pre-cut and pre-drilled to make installation in the field simple and easy. There are options for the roof panels which I don’t know what they are and I’m hoping Kevin will be able to give more details and specifics to this section so it will match the length of the other sections.

Shade Structure Function

I’m thinking we could talk about the different types of businesses and school and city functions shade structures are used for such as car dealerships, flea markets, churches, daycares, basketball courts, cafeteria covers, walkway covers, city bus covers, train depot covers, decoration purposes only covers, etc. I’m not sure what all you can come up with to put in here but again it would be nice if it is about the same length as the others.

Shade Structure Protection

Here maybe we could talk about the health and safety aspects of having adequate shade for everyone who has to be outdoors, especially those who have to work outdoors all day long. We could say something about skin cancer or bad UV rays and how harmful they are to people, pets and automobiles. Our baby needs a shelter! Anyway, again this one needs to be approximately as long as the others in order for the pictures to work out right. Good Luck!!!

Shade Structure Installation

I had one more picture to use so I decided you could give some pointers on how easy it is to install the shade structures we represent. Maybe you could talk about the difference between the fabric and the metal or you could just talk about installation in general no matter which one they are installing. You could point out they are both pre-fabricated and maybe go into more detail as to just what that means. And again try to make it the same length as the others.


Shade Structures…”A Healthy Alternative”