Yorktown Collection

The Yorktown collection refines the look of traditional wood outdoor furniture, updating basic lines with contemporary flair. This collection is all about choices, offering you almost unlimited possibilities. It’s available in either faux-wood or standard powder-coated finishes, allowing you to custom-tailor its look to the setting.

Yorktown Design

Our faux wood finishes so closely resemble the real thing that it’s hard to believe it’s metal and not wood. The timeless beauty and tradition of wood without any of the headaches, such as cracking, warping or rotting. For superior strength and rigidity, we add reinforcements to the aluminum extrusions for all of our faux wood finished products.

Step 1

Shot-Blasting to White Metal – First, all our metal is cleaned to white metal. We strip it to its purest form using our state-of-the-art shot-blast system. This process removes all the impurities from the metal, especially at the weld joints. It’s more effective than traditional acid cleaning and creates a more textured surface, allowing for better adhesion of the powder coat.

Step 2

Five-Stage Chemical Pre-Treatment – Next, the metal goes through a five-stage chemical pre-treatment cleaning process. It is etched, rinsed and cleaned to eliminate any residue, then it’s sealed – further promoting adhesion and corrosion prevention.

Step 3

Pre-Heating – Prior to coating, the part is pre-heated so that it can be dried, warmed, and then sent directly to the spray booth. With the part heated, it draws powder into the joints, corners, and hard-to-reach places to ensure a complete coating of the entire surface.

Step 4

Zinc-Rich Epoxy Coating – After the pre-heating, a Zinc-Rich epoxy powder coating is applied to provide the highest quality of corrosion control. It works as a prime coat to protect the metal from corrosion before it receives its topcoat.

Step 5

Zinc-Rich Epoxy Coating Gel-Cure – Next, the Zinc-Rich epoxy coating is cured to a gel, allowing the polyester topcoat to combine with the Zinc-Rich epoxy, promoting better adhesion.

Step 6

AAMA 2604 Compliant Polyester Topcoat – A polyester topcoat is then applied that’s specially formulated to meet AAMA 2604 standards for fading, cracking, chalking, gloss retention, erosion resistance, and chemical resistance. No one else in the industry uses this high standard of topcoat. It ensures that our products will maintain their beauty and durability for years to come.

Step 7

Final Cure – Finally, the metal goes through a curing oven, which hardens the topcoat and completes the integrated bonding between the Zinc-Rich epoxy and AAMA 2604 Compliant Polyester Topcoat.

Yorktown is…”Versatile!”