The Many Faces of Tables

Table Choices

Outdoor tables are a major part of any park green space or concession area and within the diversity of tables available, there is a number of combinations to choose from. Every table style starts with a unique table frame which can be accompanied by several choices of tabletops and seats. These choices are further enhanced by the fact that they not only have different material choices but also color choices as well. Picking a table right for a specific location requires choosing its size, style, and finish out of an endless combination of choices. Delving into each of these table aspects helps determine which is best for each location.


Table Foundations

Everything starts with a good foundation and picnic tables are no exception. The first thing to consider when purchasing a table is where it will be located and who will be using it so that you get a feel for what kind of frame will work best for the chosen usage. Frames can be made of varying materials with even more varying sizes. To best suit your frame to its usage, the specs of the frame are required to know how heavy duty and support enhanced the frame is. This type of information tells you if the materials used will be adequate enough or if they are more than you need. There is no need to pay for more when less will do so knowing your strength and durability needs versus the specs of the frame helps determine if they are a match. More is always better and is a great choice as long as you know it will be reflected in the total cost of the product.


Table Styles

The style of a table can be determined by how many people you want to seat at any given time. The standard rectangular picnic table, with long seats on either side, will accommodate the largest number of people and certain table frame models can support up to twelve feet tops and seats or longer. These types of tables are great for open areas where large numbers of people will come to utilize the provided amenities. However, even this style of table has many different frame options to choose from which include the single post or the bent pipe frame style. Both provide the same basic function but have very different looks. And if your location requires a more cozy or intimate setting, you might want to go with a round or square table. While deciding on the style you desire, keep in mind the type of ambiance you want to create in the location and the amount of usage you want to draw to the location and the right table style will present itself to you. ADA handicap accessible tables can be implemented in any style desired and are necessary for all locations.


Table Finishes

Another thing to consider is the coating used on the frame. A powder-coated frame is more appealing to the eye but if the location is near a beach or salt air, galvanized frames would work best for the duration of the table. Recycled plastic has come a long way from its first conception as a viable material for site amenities and is a great option for those working to help save the planet from plastic waste. Wood is always an option but, again, the location needs to dictate what materials will be best to use for longer-lasting usage of the provided site amenities. In seeking the appropriate table frame finish for the intended location there are many factors to consider and just as many finish options to choose from. Be diligent in your research for the best materials to use for your location and choose wisely. Your product’s duration of life depends on it!


Table Uses

Outdoor tables can be used for a variety of different purposes. The most common being a place to sit and rest, a place to eat a snack, a place to meet and visit, a place to enjoy the scenery, a place to play a friendly game, or a place to watch your dog enjoy those of his own kind. All of these are great reasons to provide a table and all of these have similar requirements but each of them cater to a specific location and function. To help the users of the site amenities get the most out of their experience, make sure these two factors are met when choosing from the above elements for tables. If chosen properly, the end-users will enjoy their experience and want to return for a similar future experience.

Tables provide…“spaces to enjoy!”